Be part of an active community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are serious about business.

 Get the help & support you need to attract more clients, make more money & grow your business.

“I’m working so hard but still not earning the money I want to be making?”
“I’m overwhelmed at times with all the elements involved in running a business!” 

“I don’t have a strong network of supportive like-minded people to turn to.”

“I never knew the tech could be so complicated.”

“No one told me how hard it would be and often I have no idea where to get the answers!”

Ever felt like this? 
Don’t worry, it’s not just you!

Building a successful profitable business isn’t easy. You find some tasks a breeze whereas other areas of your business are so frustrating & often you’re unsure if you are focusing on the right things!! 

What if you were part of a community of hard-working, determined business owners all looking to grow their businesses too? 

A group who all want to succeed & want you to be successful too, so you work together to hold each other accountable & grow together?

How would you feel if you could get the support you needed to create a thriving, successful business & it didn’t cost the earth? 

Get Savvy Academy is an exclusive membership club for business owners looking to grow & scale their businesses online. 

If you find yourself...

...Worried you’re not focusing in the right areas of your business.

...Frustrated when you can’t work out the new tech or latest social media platform.

...Confused about your ideal client and why it matters so much.

...Overwhelmed with all the choices you have to make daily

...Want to ask questions but don’t know who to turn to to get the right answers.

....Wanting help with your business but don’t want to pay thousands for training courses.

Then you need to join Get Savvy Academy TODAY!

What's included...


Exclusive up-to-date masterclasses from experts and valuable resources.

You’ll find a series of master classes workshops & training from experts in their fields.

Monthly we will be adding new material to help you get further, faster in your business.

They’ll be an ever-growing vault of checklists, templates, guides & blueprints for you to use & to help you learn & grow your business.
LinkedIn Pod

You will get exclusive access to the Get Savvy Club LinkedIn Pod to help you get the support and reach you need for your business to thrive on LinkedIn.
Zoom Meetings with Anna & Anita

2 X Exclusive Academy Zoom calls a month with Anita & Anna. Join to ask your social media questions live & have the support & accountability you need in your business to keep you on track.

What clients are saying...

As a member of the Get Savvy Academy you’ll have access to our exclusive content ideas! 


Do you struggle with what content to post on social media, your blog, website or articles?? 

You are not alone! Lots of our clients felt the same!

Worry no more! As part of this exclusive membership you’ll get a topic a day emailed directly to you for 90 days to kick you off with Daily Dave!

You’ll simply follow a proven system where we rotate 21 different post types to help you attract clients using social media! The cheapest we offer Daily Dave is £57 & you get this as an exclusive bonus when you join the Get Savvy Academy!!

Listen to what our client Yinka Ewuola has to say about the Daily Dave, the results she’s already got & she hasn’t even finished it yet! 

Access to Business Experts

At least once a month you get access to high-profile experts who will be running trainings in the group. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about your business & our experts will share all their knowledge to help you in your business. 

In-house Experts 

We’ve built up some great relationships with experts in their industries over the years & would love to share them with our Get Savvy Academy members to help get the support you need. 

Our Power Team if you like!  

So we have resident experts in Facebook Ads, Finance, Pricing Strategies, PR, SEO, Mindset, Tech, Business Coaching & more! 

Our experts will be hands-on in the group helping with any questions you have & adding additional trainings, workbooks, pdfs & challenges to the group.

If you are ready to learn how to take your business to the next level, attract more ideal clients & make more money then Get Savvy Academy is the place for you! 

As a member of Get Savvy Academy you’ll be part of a community of likeminded business owners who encourage & support each other with each other’s goals to make a difference & grow in all areas of life!

Plus you’ll be part of an exclusive, private Facebook group & will have access to Anita & Anna from the Get Savvy Club!

Listen to what some of our clients have to say about us....

Matt Glover | Matt Glover Photography
Tamsin Wheatcroft | Tamsin Wheatcroft Property and Financial Recruitment
Steve Tempest | Mortgage Advice Bureau

There's no risk with our cancel ANYTIME policy

Yes, that’s right you can leave whenever you like! We only want members who want to work on their businesses being a success so we make it easy to leave! You simply cancel your membership!

Buy the annual membership for only £240 per year - for amazing quality coaching & training for you & your business. Or join for £24 per month.

So you get full access to Get Savvy Academy, plus Daily Dave (a topic emailed to you daily for 90 days worth £87)!

Who are the Get Savvy Club?

Meet Anita Baldwin
I was working in Marketing for a small company with reduced hours that allowed me to fit it in around my two young children. I felt I had to stay there because of this (part time marketing roles are rare!) and then, after going through a divorce I was definitely trapped because I needed a guaranteed income.

I had no hope of setting up my own business. 

Things gradually changed though and after remarrying (a better model!) I was encouraged by my husband to stop complaining and do something about it! I’m a big believer in the saying, ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’ so I handed in my notice and well and truly kicked the rug out from under myself!  

There wasn’t an instant fairy tale ending. I worked hard, going to as many networking events as I could and enduring the dreaded 60 second pitch! I would ‘win’ a client and work with them for a few months or get some one-off projects with other clients. I was finally doing what I loved, worked with great business owners and was in control of my own hours. But I didn’t really know where my next client was coming from and it all felt a bit ‘seat of my pants’! 
Meet Anna Geary
3 years ago, I was working hard in my recruitment business, trying to build a property business, dabbling in network marketing & running LinkedIn courses for clients!
A single mother of 2 great kids I felt guilt when I was working & guilt when I wasn’t! It was like the harder I worked the harder I had to work! 

I decided to leave recruitment to concentrate on the property business only to be screwed over a number of times by clients not paying fees & deals falling through. 🤷🏼‍♀️I realised I really wasn’t passionate about property either!🤦🏼‍♀️

Through all these trials & errors (including £35K in debt) one thing I consistently excelled at was being ahead of the curve with social media! Every time there was a new feature I’d test it out & I managed to network effectively & build a strong audience of friends, connections & followers. More & more people were asking me to help with their LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram! 

It made complete sense to start working with Anita, learn & implement her years of marketing strategies & combine our skills & share our easy proven method which has now helped thousands of businesses..

"I took the advice I always give our clients now & started to concentrate on ‘one’ thing! Get Savvy Club!" ~ Anna

We all have opportunities come our way in life & we all have the option to keep doing what we’ve always been doing & keep getting what we’ve always got or make that change!

We hope you make the decision to grow & build your business with us by joining Get Savvy Academy today! 
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