Do you often struggle with what to post on social media?
You know you aren’t supposed to just sell, sell, sell but what ARE you supposed to do to attract new

You’ve got an amazing business, but you don’t have a steady stream of new clients.

Social media feels too hard.

Show up EVERY day? Meh!

What if there was an easy way?

At the Get Savvy Club, the most frequent question Anna and I get asked is, ‘what should I be posting on social media?’ 

Those of you who know us, know that our motto is ‘Let it be easy’. So we developed the 90 Days of  Content 2. 

We send you a content topic every day for 90 days (can you see how we came up with the name?!)  and you just write a post about it and publish on the platforms you use.

It really is that easy!

You won’t find ANY of these topics talking about national days. We despair at coaches selling you  content telling you to join the other 3 million people posting about Pancake Day!


Instead, we have identified 16 different types of posts which we rotate through. From the trivial to the salesy – we cover them all in the proportions you should be using them. Never be that person  who just puts out boring old product posts again!

Many business owners forget about the ‘social’ in social media. Really, it’s just online networking and you wouldn’t just talk about your products or services CONSTANTLY then would you?

You form relationships, let people see who you are, share your opinions, your up’s and downs and  generally develop a ‘tribe’ who are happy to buy from you and recommend you. 

Social media is EXACTLY the same and our content topics will help you to do just this on the platforms you use. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what product / service you offer.

The amazing thing about this product (that we affectionately call Daily Dave by the way but that’s another story!) is that it’s YOU writing the posts. So YOUR personality, expertise and experience come through but it puts an end to that wasted time staring at your phone or monitor and wondering what the hell to post about (we’ve all been there!).

Our clients LOVE Daily Dave and rave about the success they've had because of him. See for yourself.

What our clients think of Daily Dave
Our clients LOVE Daily Dave and rave about the success they've had because of him. 
See for yourself.

Yinka Ewuola

What clients are saying...

Want to know a bit more about us?

The Get Savvy Club is a thriving business offering online programs, a monthly membership, running challenges and working with individuals, small businesses and corporates.
We are proud to have achieved this based on a motto of ‘Let it be easy’ and raising children whilst divorced, running homes and still living life! Being successful doesn’t have to take up all of your time or cost lots of money and we are living proof of that.

What made the difference?

Success came when we joined forces and realised that we needed to focus on ONE THING.

Previously Anita had spent 25 years working in strategic marketing roles for various corporates and  Anna had run successful recruitment agencies, worked in property and actually had loads of other  businesses over the years but neither of us had ever been clear on our vision.  

We created the Get Savvy Club, cleared all of the previous things we had done out of the way and  agreed that we will focus on helping businesspeople to use social media to attract new clients – OUR ONE THING.  

We can almost hear you saying, ‘that’s ok for you but choosing one thing won’t work for me and my  business.’ 

 Well, we didn’t think that was true for us either and actually it was a difficult to do it But we have  learned that drilling down on one thing and helping literally hundreds of other businesses to do the  same is the fastest route to success. Bar none!  

We have used our experience of what works on social media to develop this amazing content  product because we want to make it easy for you. We want you to love social media as much as we  do and that will only happen if you stop struggling and start making money through it! 

Give it a go and see how much further forward you are in 90 days…….

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